What an insane end to series one that was! And most definitely our most downright dirty edition so far.

Another huge thank you to Mary-Anne for providing the transcript, and of course, I can’t thank our guests enough; Mitja Goroshvsky, Edmund McCormack, Utsav Jaiswal, and the ever enigmatic, Eugene Morozov.

Noam: how much coin could a Shitcoin shit if a Shitcoin be the Shitcoin, stuff like that.

Eugene: Could coin?

Edmund: Coin.

Mitja: Could coin shit.

Edmund: I think Robert Frost said that once.

Mitja: Yeah.

Benjamin: Is that Robert Frost?



Benjamin: Hello everyone, and welcome to…

This is the transcript from #NVMTS episode 7, published 27.7.21.

Listen to the full episode on: https://nevermindtheshitcoins.buzzsprout.com/1810085/9096499-the-sexiest-kangaroo-paradox-in-crypto

Reach out to Mary Ann for transcription services if you require them too!

Joanne: What’s so sexy about kangaroos, Ben? Please, do tell.


Benjamin: I’ve got a costume. What can I say?

Joanne: I see. I get it now. Okay.

Benjamin: That big old pouch going on and all nice and snug, just makes me feel safe. What can I say?


Benjamin: For those of you just joining us, good evening and welcome to NeverMind the Shitcoins, an all new topical…

Learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain can be a little overwhelming when you’re new to the space. That’s why podcasts are such a great medium for breeching the topic. They are usually bitesize, tailored to a niche audience, and give that perfect cosy and intimate feel to the process.

Now, I know it’s not 2022 yet, but there are a shed load of articles out there already using the 2021 title so I’m getting ahead of the game. The list below is purely my personal opinion, but whether you’re a crypto novice or a seasoned shitcoin OG, I hope there’s something for everyone!

5. What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormick shot to crypto-stardom when notorious Fake Satoshi, Craig Wright, tried to sue him for calling him out on his bullshit (Peter won the battle, of course). …

TL;DR: The NeverMind the Sh*tcoins podcast is a project born of passion from my living room. With episodes one and two out now in all good stores, I’ve got a couple of insights to share. If you have more, or would like to be a guest on the show, then get in touch!

Podcast stats

Good old Joe Rogan and his $200 million Spotify deal has taken the art, and recognition, of podcasts to a whole new level. The latest information from Buzzsprout shows there are over 160 million Podcast listeners worldwide as of June 2021. This is 55% up from 2020!

It’s due to this recent increase in listenership, and the massive potential for engaging your audience on a level that other formats fail to reach, that the number of podcasts on the market has also skyrocketed with over 750,000 podcasts actively recording new episodes on a regular basis. …

NeverMind the Shitcoins (or Sh*tcoins, depending how child-friendly the platform!), is an all new cryptocurrency-centric podcast with a panel quiz show twist.

With so much happening on the blockchain battlefields everyday, staying up to date with the latest news and events can drive you bonkers. So we thought, why not take a bunch of clever people, sit them down with some optional drinks, and ask them a bunch of quiz-style questions about what’s going on in the world of magical internet money!?

Our first episode will be recording and (with a little luck from the tech Gods!) broadcast live on…

Welcome to the official guide for yield farming at tonswap.io created by the Broxus team. You will learn how to farm as with Uniswap LP tokens, so with the native LP tokens produced by the TON Swap platform.


First thing first, let us explain some terminology.

Pool — Exchange pool created by providing liquidity for both sides of the deal. It is a particular smart contract that allows you to get the rate and perform the exchange.

Vault — A dedicated smart contract where all tokens deposited to the dex are kept securely in a secure way.

Account — This…

HumanVenture provides a dignified, everyday solution for financial support to over a thousand poverty-stricken families and children across Austria and Russia. For these families, this pioneering blockchain-based innovation allows them to regularly purchase groceries and essential supplies, providing vital breathing room in the battle against food insecurity.

As HumanVenture prepare to relocate their base of operations to the UK, I’m honoured to be able to join them in bringing their fully transparent donation system to Britain.

Crypto and Charity

"If Bitcoin is secured with energy/electricity, then Fiat is secured by war" -Mitja Goroshevsky, Ton Labs co-founder and CTO.

When you think of…

In November 2020, Serbian discount and coupon sites grupovina.rs and popusti.rs became Free TON partners. The cooperation program is unique in that it not only offers marketing to the community but also provides an opportunity to support Serbian citizens who are below the poverty line. Support consists of charity contributions from each purchase.

Gruppovina and Popusti — A Unified Marketplace In Serbia

Gruppovina and Popusti are the largest Serbian sites that daily accumulate current offers and discounts from partners, and then allow their app users to make good deals. Anyone who has registered on one of the sites, in the future receive e-mail-notification letters with discounts or go to…

Unless you’re working for McDonald’s, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and cryptocurrency is no different. The ecosystem is rife with opportunities to earn your digital “skin-in-the-game” if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves.

“But I can’t code my microwave dinner! How can I stack Sats without a PhD in DLT?!”

Well, my smart-contract illiterate friend, here are 5 ways to earn cryptocurrency without investing:

1. Community Management/Moderation

Like it or not, if you’re into cryptocurrency, you’re part of the community (one of us, one of us!).

Source: https://freeton.house/en/free-ton-governance-2-0-an-overview-of-the-second-part-of-the-contest-from-abstractions-to-specifics/

The work of the RSquad team, which submitted a solution for the second part of the Free TON Governance Contest, was the only one on the list of participants, but this alone did not guarantee victory.

As a reminder, the team was already the winner in the first part of the contest, submitting a detailed scheme for the bids to be made and approved by a soft majority vote (SMV).

The contest for the development of the platform for Governance 2.0 was held in two stages. The first concerned the smart contract system for soft majority voting in…

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Over-opinionated hyphen-abuser, lover of words, and magical internet money community management extraordinaire.

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